6 April - 2 June 2024 Private view/Vernissage 6th April

Lieu d'Art Contemporain

1 rue de la Berre

Hameau du Lac

11130 Sigean FRANCE

THE OPEN DOOR is a collaborative exhibition and site-specific installation by the artists Aude Hérail Jäger and Tisna Westerhof. Both artists live and work in London. At the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020 they started online conversations about their work - reaching out to each other from their house confinement. Their dialogue has evolved naturally into THE OPEN DOOR.

THE OPEN DOOR exhibition will show past and recent work by the two artists in a range of media including sculpture, installation, needlework, textiles, ceramics, painting, objects and drawing. The exhibition will transform the interior of Lieu d’Art Contemporain (L.A.C.) with artworks on the ground or hanging from washing lines throughout the 650m2 lower floor.

Curator: Aude Hérail Jäger

More information : https://www.thelondongroup.com/going-back-to-my-roots/

2 March - 27 April 2024 Launch Event: 2 March 2-4pm

Quays Arts

15 Sea Street


Isle of Wright PO30 5BD

111 Not Out celebrates the 110th anniversary of The London Group’s inaugural exhibition at London’s Goupil Gallery in March 1914. Each of the 48 participating members has commended one of the 32 founders that most appeals to them in terms of personality and art practice.

I have chosen Ethel Sands for the playfulness of the domestic environment in her paintings. My work Alphabet Cubes – OUI NON is scaled for home and emulates the bottles, jars and things that Sands represents on shelves - offering a focus point for reverie and the imagination.

9 Nov - 28 Nov 2023
The London Group 85th OPEN 2023


Copeland Gallery

Copeland Park

133 Rye Lane

London SE15 4ST

5 August - 25 August 2023
The London Group at Linden Hall Studio

Drawing Book 63 p81 SENTINEL XX Preparatory Drawing


32 St George's Road

Deal CT14 6BA

1 April - 30 April 2023
The Old Parcels Office

‘Drawing-Book 62, p. 15 SENTINEL XIV Preparatory Drawing’ and ‘Drawing-Book 62, p. 18

Preparatory Drawing’ precede respectively the over life-size figure drawing of SENTINEL XIV and a new SENTINEL in progress - from my ongoing SENTINELS series.

Each preparatory figure is itself the sum of small drawings made in museums, mostly from objects in archaeological and ethnological collections.

The female warrior creatures are armed and ready for fighting. SENTINEL XIV weapons are unfamiliar but no less deadly. The new SENTINEL’s weapons are a potion held in a container that sees the enemy and a specific hand gesture that will paralyse an aggressor.

The Old Parcels Office, Westborough, Scarborough YO11 1TU

and Woodend Gardens, the Crescent, Scarborough, YO11 2PW

24 November - 4 December 2022
The London Group at Bankside

Alphabet Cubes - CLIMATE

2022 - 160cm x 40cm x 40cm - Wood, acrylic paint

Wooden alphabet blocks help children to learn how to read. These scaled-up alphabet cubes encourage all to learn more about climate breakdown - NOW.

Bankside Gallery

Thames Riverside 48 Hopton Street London SE1 9JH

Private View Wednesday 23 November 6-9pm

22 July - 8 August 2022
The Parsonage's Annual Summer Group Show

'Dunstan' 2022 59cm x 84cm Graphite on Awagami Kozo paper

'Dunstan' drawing is on loan from the art collection of the Henri Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion, Washington DC, USA

The Parsonage, Searsport, Maine, USA

30 April - 30 June 2022
Old and New

LEFT: 'Le Confinement' - 1992 – steel, fibre glass, black peppercorns – 130cm x 25cm x 20cm

1st Prize Sculpture Cohn & Wolfe Young Artists Competition Cohn & Wolfe Private Collection

RIGHT: 'Alphabet Cubes- FREED' - 2022 – wood, acrylic paint – 200cm x 40cm x 40cm

My 'old' work is the narrow and tall steel sculpture ‘Le Confinement’. The work stands from the ground up. A ball of black peppercorns is held within the cage-like structure. We do not know what is inside the ball, and the space above it remains useless as gravity keeps the ball at the bottom.

The 'new' work is the narrow and tall wooden sculpture “Alphabet Cubes – FREED’ that stands from the ground up, too. Like 'Le Confinement' this work refers back to entrapment as it is made of five boxes, sealed closed. On the outside surface, however, we see letters painted on the surface, spreading out messages of hope and potency. These can be acquired with effort, like learning to read.




8-22 April 2022 Wednesday - Saturday 12-6pm
Wish You/We Were Here/There - The Power Of The Postcard

Wish You/We Were Here/There - The Power Of The Postcard exhibition is now shown in London at:


17 Pitfield Street, Hoxton, London N1 6HB

8-22 April’22 Wednesday - Saturday 12-6pm

There will be a small 85 pages postcard-sized book available in the near future.

The London Group Newsletter March 2022
A Question of Process

“ [..] The more I am writing about my working process, the more I recognise its complexity. Part of making work is akin to an act of faith: despite not fully knowing each single step leading to a finished piece, a certainty underpins the momentum and leads forward.”

Extract from the article I have written for ‘A Question of Process’, London Group Newsletter, March 2022.

FULL ARTICLE HERE: https://www.thelondongroup.com/aqop-12-aude-herail-jager-lg/

9 Feb 2022 - Still available online
The Winter Exhibition - online ARTISTS' TALKS

My talk about Sentinel XX illustrates the development from drawing ancient art objects in a small sketchbook into drawing from it a very large figure on tissue paper. It also features other artists who represent large figures such as Andrea del Castagno, Barbara Walker and Guo Fengyi.

If you have not yet listened to my vimeo talk about Sentinel XX you can still do so here:


February - April 2022
The Winter Exhibition - The London Group ONLINE

Drawing Book 63 p.81 SENTINEL XX Preparatory Drawing - graphite on moleskine paper - 20.8x12.8cm


April - December 2021
Out of Our Comfort Zone

KITCHEN Week 9 - June 2020 - printed photograph - 28x39cm (The Henry Luce III collection)

Dadian Gallery

The Henry Luce III Center for the Arts & Religion, Washington DC, USA

Co-curated by UK filmmaker Julia Alcamo and DC curator Taylor Curry, Out of Our Comfort Zone brought together artistic contributions from across the globe to shine a spotlight on intersecting struggles for public health and racial equality.

You can see all works from the original online exhibition in:


8 – 16 December 2021
The London Group Christmas Exhibition & celebration of Antony Eyton sixty years as a member

The Cello Factory

33 – 34 Cornwall Road, Waterloo, London SE1 8TJ


9-24 October 2021
Wish You/We Were Here/There - The Power of the Postcard

Sumi Perera had curated the original online exhibition 'Wish You/We Were Here/There - The Power of the Postcard' during lockdown. A few months later, co-contributor Carol Wyss took the physical work of the online exhibition to Lichtenstein where she presented it concurrently to her own show at the Küefer Martis Huus.

Küefer Martin Huus, Lichtenstein

Wednesday 9th June - Sunday 27th June 2021
ALPHABET CUBES - HOPE in 'Coming Up For Air' exhibition

St John's Churchyard, St John’s Waterloo
Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY

Daily 10am-8pm

More information online http://thelondongroup.com/exhibitions/cufa/index.php

More information about ALPHABET CUBES http://thelondongroup.com/exhibitions/cufa/artist.php?id=27

“Waterloo Festival 2021 celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Festival of Britain, (for which the Royal Festival Hall was built and St John’s rebuilt), capturing its post-war spirit of hope and creativity as we strive for a more egalitarian and sustainable post-pandemic future” (www.waterloofestival.com). The Festival’s overall theme this year is ‘Respair’ (the return of hope).

Eighteen London Group members and thirteen Friends are exhibiting in St John’s Churchyard work that loosely fits the discipline of sculpture, installation and performance and respond to the theme of “Britain‘21 – Coming up for Air” in acknowledgement of the circumstances that we all find ourselves in, artists and public alike.

'Matchsticks - Bandaged' ; 'Mother and the Matchsticks'
The London Group Spring 2021 Newsletter

During lockdown the London Group Newsletter’s editor invited artists members to write about the theme of 'Collections’ for the Spring 2021 Newsletter.

I chose to revisit the work titled ‘Matchsticks – Bandaged’ that I made in the early 1990s and to complete it with the new text 'Mother and the Matchsticks' (see below the image).

December 2020
on Art - The Christian Century

The Christian Century - Thinking Critically, Living Faithfully is a progressive American magazine. Their December 2020 issue (Vol. 137, No.27) dedicated their On Art section to the Sentinels drawings with a moving text by Professor Aaron Rosen.

14 Oct - 14 Nov 2020
The London Group Annual ONLINE Exhibition

Sentinel XV is light on her feet, shown in a balanced motion, wrapped in long threads of silk and with stiletto daggers pinned in her head-dress. She transforms at will the textile threads veiling her into nets to catch and then dispatch any person threatening to hurt.

18th August until 30th September ONLINE
Wish You/We Were Here/There - The Power of the Postcard

This is an online exhibition of postcard sized art which can be based on where the artists see themselves now that the lockdown is easing, where they have been or want to go. How has the lockdown and the global pandemic changed them? Maybe they are looking forward to visiting more of the UK or escaping into a fantasy land where coronavirus never existed. View 39 works all contemplative of the current climate we live in, through the medium of video stills, sound recordings, sculptures, found objects, photos, prints, drawings, poetry & paintings.

14th May until 19th July 2020
My Favourite Work

Everyone has a piece of work that for some reason holds a special place in their heart. Maybe it was the one that changed their style or opened up a new aspect or maybe it was created because of something or someone. What is that special work for you?

Ongoing from 1st May 2020
Home Alone Together - Online collaborative project/exhibition hosted by Image Journal

'No Refuge Even Under the Dining Table' Photograph Week 4

Co-curated by artist S. Billie Mandle and visual arts editor Aaron Rosen, Home Alone Together is an online exhibition of twenty-five artists from around the world—aged twenty to ninety—that explores the shared, bounded environment in which people now live.

Quarantine is quickly redefining and reconfiguring how people experience home. It can be a space of refuge—representing safety from a nebulous, deadly threat, but also something of a pressure cooker. We are all caught up in a strange experiment of an uncertain duration, and even those fortunate enough to escape direct loss and trauma are forced to reckon with new realities—economic, emotional, spiritual—from the (dis)comfort of their own homes. In this unsettled moment, artists can help draw our experiences into focus.

Every week for the next three months, participating artists will contribute one photograph from a different room of his or her home. Together, these photographs—whether taken in a kitchen or bedroom, the world outside the window, or even the virtual space of technology—will articulate a new, collective picture of home.

We hope this project will create an opportunity to locate something of that quality Gaston Bachelard called “intimate immensity.” What we see has become limited, but not how we see. When the pandemic subsides and we re-enter the world, perhaps our way of seeing will have changed along with us. Maybe we will be more prepared to encounter transcendence, even—perhaps especially—in the mundane.


Ongoing from 11th April 2020
The Lockdown Chronicles - Online artists' interviews

'Sentinel XII - preparatory drawing (Drawing-book 51, p.99)' Graphite on moleskine paper, 20.8cm x 12.8cm. Sentinel XII's weapons are her flutes that play mysterious tunes and spirit away malevolence. Final large drawing on show in digital exhibition Isolation (see below).

The Lockdown Chronicles is a series of artist interviews carried out during the Covid-19 lockdown to artists around the world who have collaborated with hARTslane in the past 8 years. We believe that in times like these, it is important to reach out, connect and share common personal experiences, concerns and struggles, beliefs as well as practical or inspirational hidden gems. We hope that these artist stories will inspire other fellow artists as well reassure those who might feel alone or isolated or too overwhelmed to create.

hARTslane, experimental art project space, New Cross Gate, London


4th - 22nd May 2020
Isolation - Digital exhibition

'Sentinel XII' Graphite on Awagami Kozo paper, 229cm x 97cm. Sentinel XII's weapons are her flutes that play mysterious tunes and spirit away malevolence. Preparatory drawing on show in The Lockdown Chronicles at hARTslane (see above).

Isolation and solitude are words that most visual artists will relate to, they work alone in a studio, a shed or at home so the prospect of enforced isolation may seem like the perfect time to make art. At the moment things are different though! It's not just isolation or social distancing, the entire fabric of society has been ripped apart before our eyes. The exhibition shows how The London Group artists are reacting to the current social and world climate.


Artists’ Talks via Web Meeting on Sunday 17th May at 8pm.

You can listen again to Aude's Artist's Talk here: https://vimeo.com/showcase/7155297?page=2

Thursday 9th January - Saturday 11th January
In the Dark 2020 : Even Darker

A four day experimental show in a blacked out Cello Factory with talks and performance curated by The London Group. The one stipulation is that the artworks either generate their own light or can be projected onto. This means all the works interlink and the whole group exhibition becomes a foreboding installation filling all surfaces of this unique space.

The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Road, London SE1 8TJ

2-6pm daily, admission free

PV 6-8.30pm Wednesday 8th January including Bad Choreography performances by Stephen Carley

Artists’ Talk 6-7.30pm Saturday 11th January followed by a performance collaboration between Blanc Sceol and Victoria Rance


14th - 24th November
ING Discerning Eye

The Mall Galleries, The Mall, St James, London SW1

10am-5pm daily, admission free


4th - 13th December
The London Group Open - Part II


RA: 10th June until 12th August & Creekside: 13th June until 7th July
Royal Academy of Arts - SUMMER EXHIBITION & Creekside Open - Selected by Sacha Craddock


13th June - 7th July
Creekside Open - Selected by Sacha Craddock INVITATION


6th June - 23rd June
Coming Good: Come Hell or High Water at the Waterloo Festival 2019


Wednesday 3 until Friday 12 April 2019
Drawing Distinctions

The Cello Factory
33 — 34 Cornwall Road London, SE1 8TJ
Open daily 2pm — 6pm

Artists' Talks: Friday 12 April, 6 pm — 8.30 pm


Friday 22 February 2019
Conversation with Art — Organised by Tim Cousins

Aude Hérail Jäger in conversation with Marcus Cornish

APT — Art in Perpetuity Trust
Harold Wharf, 6 Creekside, Deptford, London SE8 4SA

A.P.T Artist Tim Cousins set up ‘Conversations with Art’ in October 2013 and this is the third in the seventh series of dialogues that have been held at A.P.T. 'Conversations with Art’ consist of a dialogue between the artist, the questioner and the audience directly through an art work.


Wednesday 5 until Friday 14 December 2018
The London Group Christmas Exhibition

The Cello Factory, Waterloo, London
Open daily 2 pm— 6 pm

Private View: Tuesday 4 December 6 pm — 8 pm
Artists' Talks: Friday 14 December 6.30 pm — 8pm


September 17 — October 29, 2018
Drawing Distinction Exhibition

Furlong Gallery — University of Wisconsin
Menomonie, WI 54751, USA
The exhibition will be coming to the UK in spring 2019