• Installation
  • Kitten bag
  • Rescue
  • Dark woman
  • The runner
  • First sighting of the beautiful woman
  • A buzzy witch kissed and bit me
  • Crossing
  • Tears for David’s mother
  • Wrapped in my love
  • Rolf looks for his car
  • Black tears on Yoga background
  • Window
  • Falling down green waters in white nightdress
  • The kick
  • Off I boldly fly
  • Samba mad

Year: 1998—2000
Overall dimensions: 8 m (W) × 2.80 m (H), each drawing 1 m (W) × 1.40 m (H),
Medium: coloured pencils on paper

Artist’s Choice exhibition, Flowers Gallery, London — Selected by Lucy Jones

The series’ catalyst was a documentary about volcanologists Maurice and Katia Krafft who were caught in a pyroclastic flow and died on Mount Unzen in 1991. Their story provides a metaphor for the unadulterated power that can surge uncontrollably from within - with lethal consequences when underestimated or misconstrued.

Volcano I
Volcano III
fig. 1